Igaryu Ninjutsu Classes

Ninjutsu is like the original Mixed Martial Arts. We will build you to become at your physical peak and functionality. We train the below comprehensively:

  • ​Strikes (punches, kicks)

  • Judo (Throws, sweeps, take-d0wns) 

  • Jujitsu (Submissions, holds, chokes, locks)

  • Weapons (Swords, Kama, Sai, Bo, Nunchuks) 

  • Espionage (Rolls, flips, climbing, evasion)


Jujitsu Training Shinbukan Ninjutsu

Rich in a millennium of history

Through Hollywood and fiction such as anime, the name 'Hattori Hanzo' has become prominent. Historically, he was a ninja in the Iga Prefecture, Japan in the 16th Century.


Ninjutsu has had an authentic lineage and has a Ninja museum in Japan in Iga Ueno, built by the 15th Grand Master of Iga Ryu Ninjutsu, Heischichiro Okuse. Ninjusu has been developed from monks and warriors to use for combat and espionage. 

Okuse Sensei handed down the title and duties of Soke to Kazuo Saito in January 1992. Okuse Sensei's master was Fujita Sensei and when Fujita Sensei passed away, all of his ninja belongings (weaponary, literature and makimono) were passed (by way of donation) to Okuse Sensei.  

In present day, the need for ninjas has become obsolete. However, their tough training has been replicated in our teachings to mould our students to become physically, mentally and spiritually strong. It is also an important preservation for Japan's history and culture.