Igaryu Ninjutsu Classes

Ninjutsu is a traditional Mixed Martial Art with centuries of history and refinement. We aim to build students to reach their own physical peak and functionality. Our exercises are tailored around mobility in order to train the below comprehensively.

  • Strikes (punches, kicks)

  • Judo (Throws, sweeps, take-d0wns) 

  • Japanese Jujitsu (Submissions, holds, chokes, locks)

  • Weapons (Swords, Kama, Sai, Bo, Nunchuks) 

  • Espionage (Rolls, flips, climbing, evasion)


Jujitsu Training Shinbukan Ninjutsu

Rich in a millennium of history

Through Hollywood and fiction such as anime, the term 'ninja' or 'shinobi' became famous. There are many names such as Hanzo, Jiraiya, Sasuke etc. who have become popularised but most names all have a historical lineage in predominantly 16th Century Japan.


There is a Ninja museum in Iga Ueno, Japan, built by the late 15th Grand Master of Iga Ryu Ninjutsu, Heischichiro Okuse. The museum showcases hundreds of years of history through preserved tools, scrolls, weapons and even some photographs. Ninjutsu has been developed from 'warrior monks' to use for combat and espionage. 

Okuse Sensei handed down the title and duties of 'Soke' to Kazuo Saito in January 1992. Today, the need for ninjas has become obsolete. However, their tough training can be valuable for personal physical, mental and spiritual development. We preserve these teachings as part of Japan's history and culture and pass them onto the next generation. We strive to adapt our teachings to suit a rapidly evolving generation.