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Ninjas: the one who endures

Ninjutsu was tried and tested for centuries in Japan for survival. But not anymore. Ninjustu is often now seen as Hollywood, art or self-defence. We aim to study it raw in its traditional context and adapt it in the modern world.

From Japan to Australia, Soke Saito aims to share this art after being given the Soke title by the late Heishichiro Okuse Soke in 1992.

$100 a month (all classes) / No lock in contracts / $150 annual insurance fee (pro rata'd)

The physical training


Towards functional fitness, mobility and a mind-body connection


Ninjutsu uses weapons, fingers or anything that can be effective.


Ninjutsu grappling is similar to Japanese JuJitsu, using striking while grappling. We emphasise the mastery of one technique rather than shallow understanding of many.

Some photos

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Shinbukan Class Timetable
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