Traditional Japanese Karate, Ninjutsu and Martial Arts

Since 1978, Shinbukan offers traditional  Japanese training in self defence, karate, ninjutsu and a variety of Japanese martial arts.
Soke Crando Saito, has had extensive experience in the martial arts since 1957 and is currently the only Japanese Grand Master  living in Australia.
Shinbukan aims to develop the arts carefully and spread them further so that a new generation may become its masters and in turn teach the next generation.

Karate is for men, women and children. Karate is for anyone; big or small, inexperienced or experienced. Our class aim to maximise our students physically, spiritually and mentally. Through tough training, karate also offers fitness, toning and suppleness. 

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Iga Ryu Ninjutsu is the original mixed martial arts. We incorporate stand-up strikes, throwing and grappling to carve an all-round fighter. We train a range of other skills such as weapons and espionage as well to increase mobility and dynamic power.