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Japanese Cultural and Martial Arts Academy since 1978

A dojo community about mind, body and spiritual connection. 

Since 1978, Shinbukan has empowered students through a Japanese martial arts learning environment (the Dojo).


The Dojo is a high pressure, ego-free, collective learning environment where one is consciously and unconsciously tested to expand their physical, mental and spiritual capacity, together. Beyond, the dojo is a place to revive one's primal instincts and intuition, to 'feel' more than 'think'. 

Kids Karate

Kids are NOT naturally born with the tools to cope with the busy modern society. Through 'nature and nurture', the Japanese Dojo system demands 100% effort, humility, focus and cooperation. Beyond functional strength/mobility and striking, the Japanese learning system ultimately encourages unmoulding. Like a butterfly from its cocoon, true autonomy comes from going beyond the system, not away from it. 

Adults Karate

Under pressure; it's either make or break. A test of your resolve. 


Beyond, it becomes you. 


Ninjutsu is a traditional mixed martial art from Japan. We incorporate elements of Judo, Japanese Jujitsu, Aikido and Kobudo (weapons) for a balanced martial artist. We aim to understand the essence of Japanese martial arts culture, particularly the spiritual, and synthesise it into our day to day lives.

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Our Dojo Community

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"Motivation is temporary, discipline is permanent."

Main Dojo: 151 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066

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