Karate, Ninjutsu and Japanese martial arts with modern science 

Since 1978, Shinbukan offers Karate, Ninjutsu and a variety of Japanese martial arts such as Jujitsu, Iaido and Judo in an authentic Japanese environment.
Soke Saito has had extensive experience in the martial arts since 1957 and is currently the only Japanese Grand Master living in Australia. He believes character and resilience is refined from overcoming obstacles both physical and mentally. Our students range from martial arts hobby enthusiasts to competitive fighters.
Shinbukan progresses with the times, integrating valuable sports science with the disciplines and foundations of tradition. 

Like all things, Karate particularly is effective when it is precise. Karate is about longevity using distance management, creating openings and timing rather than brute conditioning. Through tough but purposeful training, Shinbukan cultivates realistic karate practitioners with a balance of fighting, strength and conditioning and an eternal pursuit for refinement. Respecting its roots and heritage, Shinbukan maintains an authentic Japanese environment maintained by qualified Japanese instruction. 

Ninjutsu is effectively, mixed martial arts. We incorporate striking, Judo and Jujitsu to carve an all-round fighter. We train a range of other skills such as weapons and espionage to maintain tradition as well as increasing variation in training. 


Learn the true essence of Ninjutsu today and become a well-rounded fighter or enthusiast.


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