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Shinbukan Chief Instructor:  Saito Soke
Mobile: 0408 497 437
Shinbukan ABN 38 637 667 684
Private lessons with Saito Soke are available in the various styles by appointment.

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My child is under the age of 5, is he/she able to join Shinbukan?

Kids must be 6 and above to join.

What are the payment systems available in Shinbukan?

We work on a direct debit system, debited at the end of each month.

Do you have junior/kids classes?

Yes we do!

At what age is a student able to participate in Ninjutsu?

The minimum age requirement for Ninjutsu is  12. Some movements require a degree of physical maturity.

Are there any trial lessons, if so, what do we need to bring?

We offer three free trial lessons obligation free, all you need to bring is comfortable, sport clothes.

Do you still teach Sports Chanbara?

Yes we do. Saito Soke is the Australian President of the Sports Chanbara Association.

What times are your classes?
Please refer to the following link as it contains all the class times for Shinbukan. 
Class Information


What are the pricings for your classes?
Please refer to the following link as it contains all the pricings for both kids and adults karate and ninjutsu classes.

Class Information

At what age is a child considered eligible to join the adults karate classes?

Once a student reaches the age of 12 he/she is allowed to join the adults karate class. Otherwise it would be at the discretion of the Chief Instructor.