Our Instructors

Kazuo | 10th Dan Hanshi

  • 60 + years of martial arts experience and teaching

  • Trained rigorously under legendary Japanese Masters in various arts 

  • Some of Soke Saito's achievements include:

    • 1963 Taito-ku Japan Champion​

    • 1968 Tokyo Metropolitan Champion

    • 1973 Kanto Tournament Goju-Kai Group Champion

    • 1972 Seiwakai Leader Superiority Prize

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Darren | 5th Dan Renshi Shihan

  • 27 years of experience in his martial arts career

  • Has been a live-in student (Uchideshi) of Soke   Saito

  • Sensei Darren has a friendly, interactive and an evolutionary approach to teaching making every lesson different and enjoyable

  • "Teach the new generation to become masters in turn to teach the next generation."

Hiroaki | 4th Dan Renshi Shihan

  • 40+ years of karate experience from Japan

  • Very traditional Goju Ryu style of karate

  • Successful tournament experience

  • Sensei Hiroaki uses a traditional teaching approach of "watching and learning" to help cultivate individual cognition rather than "spoonfeeding"


Peter | 5th Dan Renshi Shihan

  • Decades of experience in martial arts

  • All rounded MMA style fighter

  • Weapons specialist

  • Sensei Peter's mastery of basics and anticipation drives fighting success

  • A no-nonsense, rigorous approach to teaching 

  • "Students should leave their leave their ego at the door as learning is only achieved with a  free mind"

  • "Master your weaknesses and overcome your fears"

Roberto | 5th Dan Renshi Shihan

  • Ninjustu, MMA specialist

  • Vast knowledge in a variety of Japanese weaponry

  • Grappling enthusiast

  • With a friendly and positive attitude, Roberto Sensei caters for all students, motivating them all


Jai | 5th Dan Renshi Shihan

  • Over 3 decades of experience in martial arts career

  • Studied Goju Ryu karate and Iga Ryu Ninjutsu under Soke Saito

  • A decade of experience in Judo from the Sydney University Judo Club

  • Chief Instructor of 'Shinbukan Victoria' - www.shinbukanvictoria.com

  • "I aim to teach marital arts in a traditional manner that retains discipline and good conduct while integrating the arts of karate, ninjutsu and judo to create well rounded martial-artists"


Hien | 6th Dan Renshi Shihan

  • Decades of experience with Saito Soke 

  • Decades of teaching experience with various generations of students

  • A firm, fair and unbiased instructor with a wealth of experience to personalise individual training

  • Strict and disciplined teaching with a strong focus on building character and strong spirit


Navin | 2nd Dan Shido-in

  • Began training under Sensei Jai Knight and Soke Saito in 2008

  • Coming from a background of physical disability, Sensei Navin has learnt to counter disability with daily training and encourages everyone to take a chance and push beyond their limits

  • Competed successfully in various tournament experiences

  • "Training the body strengthens the mind, helping not only martial arts but enabling you to achieve your goals in life." 


Bryan | 3rd Dan Shido-shi

  • Two decades of martial arts experience

  • Trained in Taekwondo, Goju-Ryu Karate and Iaido

  • Contact fighter

  • Teaches effective combinations for combat

  • Great with teaching advanced kick techniques


Harrison | Shodan 

  • A decade of martial arts experience

  • MMA enthusiast

  • Sparring enthusiast with a strong focus on speed and explosiveness

  • Firmly advocates in educating others about how modified karate can combat against the rise of MMA

  • NSWKF Tournament of Champions: 1st place Kata & 1st Kumite (sparring)

  • Successfully competed in various tournaments

  • "Martial arts redefines your character through humility and perseverence."  

Harrison Graded #06.jpg

Nima | Shodan 

  • A decade of martial arts experience with Saito Soke since the age of 10

  • Stamina and muscular endurance beast

  • Successfully competed in various tournaments

  • Full contact fighter

  • "Build your body first to be able to withstand and prepare yourself for the difficulties of martial arts."


Daniel | 2nd Dan Shido-In 

  • Incorporates exercise science and biomechanics into martial arts training regime

  • Kata specialist

  • Bunkai specialist

  • An attentive detail to precision and accuracy, reflected through detailed teaching style

  • "Be better tomorrow than you are today."


Eric | 5th Dan

  • 3 decades of martial arts experience

  • Judo, Ninjutsu and Kendo specialist

  • Enjoys mixing many aspects of martial arts to create a well-balanced and all-rounded fighter

  • Two decades with Sydney University Judo Club