Karate Gradings

Kata and kumite (sparring) to be performed to progress through the Karate grading system, from White belt to Black Belt.

Kyu            Belt                            Kata

10th kyu    White                        

9th kyu      Yellow                       Shi Ho Gata

8th kyu      Orange                      Kihon Ido Ni

7th kyu      Orange Black Tip     Gekisai Ich, Ni

6th kyu      Green                        Kihon Ido Gekisai

5th kyu      Green Black Tip       Saifa

4th kyu      Blue Sanchin           Kihon Ido Saifa

3rd kyu      Blue Black Tip         Tensho

2nd kyu     Purple                       Kihon Ido Sanchin Tensho

1st kyu       Brown                       Senichin, Kihon Ido Senichin

1st Dan      Black                         Sanseiru, Kihon Ido Sanseiru

2nd Dan    Black                         Seisan

3rd Dan     Black                         Seippai

4th Dan     Black                         Shisouchin

5th Dan     Black                         Kururunfa

6th Dan     Black                         Suparinpei

7th Dan     Black                         Animal Kata & Bunkai

"Karate begins and ends with kata. Kata is the essence and foundation of karate and it represents the accumulation of more than 1000 years of knowledge. Formed by numerous masters throughout the ages through dedicated training and research, the kata are like a map to guide us, and as such should never be changed or tampered with."