Our Karate
With 50 years of studying Karate, Shinbukan has an extensive understanding of Karate. We believe in continuous learning and that there is no ceiling for development.  We incorporate sports science to achieve a synergy between tradition and modern development for our karate. We aim to draw out every student's potential purposefully. Such benefits transcend beyond the Dojo.

Karate's advantages to other martial arts
Karate focuses on timing and distance management, similar to guerilla tactics. Athleticism and brutal trading of blows is not sustainable. Karate understands longevity from in a 2 minute round to practising for life. 


Saito Yamaguchi 1960 Japan Karate

The following photo has been extracted from Karate Goju Ryu by the cat tenth dan Gogen Yamaguchi. Can you spot Saito Sensei?

Gogen yamaguchi karate Japan