Our Karate

We focus on an authentic traditional Japanese karate school environment. Our students strive off perseverance and strong discipline to push through rigorous training. Through this, they develop the physical and mental strength to push through any obstacle in life. We strongly believe that the teachings of martial arts are interconnected to daily life.

Karate's advantages to other martial arts

Karate is about anticipation, similar to guerilla tactics. Timing is more important than sheer athleticism. Managing distance and closing the gap is more sustainable on the body rather than close combat brawling. It's a healthy lifestyle which can be maintained for life. 

  So why learn karate with us?

  • Maximise your peak physical potential

  • Traditional, authentic Japanese training environment

  • Strength, flexibility, technique and mental fortitude

  • 40 + years of operation in Australia with teachers having decades of experience

  • Australian Karate Federation affiliated

  • Authentic Japanese Chief Instructor

The following photo has been extracted from Karate Goju Ryu by the cat tenth dan Gogen Yamaguchi. Can you spot Saito Sensei?