Goju Ryu Karate Training


Our training is very traditional and we strive to create an authentic Japanese Dojo environment. Our classses focus on:

Etiquette - what to do and say in class.

These are traditions from Japanese Karate.

Basic Japanese terms and commands - You are taught Formal bowing in procedures and basic Japanese terms such as "yes".


Warm up exercises - Techniques which reduce the 
likelihood of injury during class, including flexibility and strength training.

This loosen muscles and tendons, improving the bodies condition even in daily life.


Kata - Formations utilising the basics of Goju Ryu Karate. Often, you face three imagery attackers to defend yourself.


Karate Basics - The foundation of good Karate; Blocks, Kicks, Punches, and Stances.

Kihon - A combination of Blocks, Kicks, Punches and Stances.

Partnered training - Teaches proper distances and timing of techniques.

This ia a Pre cursor to 'Kumite'.


Kumite - Fighting/Sparring

This is a combination of all the above

You are paired with another student or Instructor and do rounds.